Work with Me

My name is Dave Wellman, Founder and President of The Wellman Group, Inc, a lifestyle design agency whose purpose is to help people that want to live life with purpose and on purpose.

I have been in Full-Time Ministry since 1981, working as a Youth Director, Missionary Pastor, and Senior Pastor. I have also been a creative entrepreneur/business owner since 1988.

I have had the privilege of consulting with other creative entrepreneurs in the areas of business development, online and offline marketing, Social Media, and blogging. I was also privileged to co-create and conduct the “Discover, Design, and Deliver” business development seminar.

I currently live in the Iowa Quad Cities where I Pastor and continue to teach lifestyle design and business development.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to fill out the form below so that we can set an appointment to talk! I would count it both a privilege and a blessing to hear from you!

Simple Truths that Cause You to Think

The principle purpose of The Wellman Group, Inc. is to help creative entrepreneurs decide what is really important to them (what is their purpose, their calling) and then help them create a lifestyle design plan that blends every aspect of life together to the fulfilling of that purpose. No two plans are the same. Everyone has a uniqueness to their lives, so much so that even people who have the same primary purpose/calling, will find the path to achieving that purpose to be powerful and unique to them.

It is our goal to work closely with you and to help our clients find that powerful and unique design for their lives!